15 Tips to Attract a Boy How to Be Beautiful, Smart, and Caring

15 Tips to Attract a Boy: How to Be Beautiful, Smart, and Caring

Writer: Kader Ali

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How to Attract a Boy

Boys are easy to attract. But boys’ hearts are fragile like glass and can break easily with a slight blow. Boys always want a good and soft-hearted life partner. Boys’ needs are very limited. Let’s learn 15 tips to attract a boy.

1. Be beautiful and soft-hearted

Every boy wants a beautiful girl and a good and soft-hearted person in his life. You will be a little shy in front of your crush, so that you look attractive. Never try to be over smart, boys don’t like over smart girls at all.

2. Make eye contact

Boys’ first glance falls on girls’ eyes. Boys like it if a girl looks into my eyes. So when you talk, look into your crush’s eyes and talk.

3. Be honest

Boys like honest girls, never try to lie to him. Always tell the truth, you will see that the boy will become weak towards you.

4. Be supportive

Most of the time boys suffer from loneliness, they always like to be alone and prefer to be alone. Be with your loved one in times of loneliness. It is said that behind every successful man there is a loving woman’s hand. Let that hand be yours.

5. Give gifts

Boys don’t want much, just love. However, if possible, give gifts according to your means. For example- diary, book, t-shirt etc. Never give flowers as gifts, they will be taken away by some kid on the way home.

6. Go out with him

Sometimes you will go out with your loved one, boys are very responsible they will take care of you a lot this is a normal thing. However, you will agree with his responsibilities. You will walk together on the road holding hands, boys are very eager to hold hands but can’t say. If you hold your hand, the boy will easily become weak towards you.

7. Don’t praise other boys

One thing you will always keep in mind is that you will never praise any other boy in front of your loved one, never look at any other boy by mistake. Boys don’t like it at all when their loved one looks at another boy.

8. Don’t make him pay all the bills

Stay away from a wrong decision at all times do not always give the bill to the boy in the restaurant, sometimes you will also pay. The only reason for saying this is why boys always have to pay the restaurant bill?

9. Wish him on special days

Boys don’t usually care much about their birthday, but still you can wish him on his birthday, Valentine’s Day and other special days, you can sit with him in a restaurant or park and have coffee. Because boys don’t want much just a little caring.

10. Send messages regularly

You will definitely send good morning messages in the morning and good night messages at night, sometimes you will ask how he is doing, whether he has eaten or what he is doing. If possible, cook something new with your own hands and take it to the restaurant or park and feed him. Boys don’t want much just a little love.

11. Maintain your figure

Especially most boys pay more attention to girls’ figures so you have to maintain your figure at all costs. You have to wear the dress that the boy likes best.

12. Be cheerful

You will always keep yourself happy in front of your loved one, there will always be a small smile on the corner of your mouth when talking. Because boys like happy girls very much. But don’t laugh too much by being over smart.

13. Be smart but not over smart

Boys like smart girls very much, but they don’t like over smart girls at all. Whatever it is, being smart means not being completely dumbfounded. You have to talk less nicely. You have to smile nicely and cutely. You have to walk around nicely and cutely on the road.

14. Be virtuous

Especially most boys like virtuous boys, so your character must be pure like a flower. If there is any character problem about you then get rid of it as soon as possible. Cleanse your mind. Boys like girls with clean minds more.

15. Learn new dishes

You must go to new item cooking classes from time to time. Even if you don’t know, learn from YouTube. Because every boy wants his loved one’s cooking to be like nectar. Whatever it is, sometimes cook new dishes and impress them by feeding them. Especially boys are more attentive in eating and drinking.


In conclusion, attracting a boy is not that difficult if you follow these 15 tips. You have to be beautiful and soft-hearted, make eye contact and be honest, be supportive and give gifts, go out with him and don’t praise other boys, don’t make him pay all the bills and wish him on special days, send messages regularly and maintain your figure, be cheerful and smart but not over smart, be virtuous and learn new dishes. By doing these things, you will show him that you are the perfect girl for him and he will fall in love with you. Remember, boys don’t want much, just a little love.

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