Alice in Borderland: A Thrilling Survival Game with a Twist (Season 02)

Alice in Borderland: A Thrilling Survival Game with a Twist (Season 02)

Writer: Tasrif Hasan Siam

Alice in Borderland is a Japanese live-action series based on the manga of the same name by Haro Aso. The series follows Arisu, a directionless young man who finds himself transported to a parallel world where he and other players have to participate in deadly games to survive. Along the way, he meets Usagi, a skilled climber and fighter, and other allies and enemies who share the same fate. The series is a gripping blend of action, mystery, drama, and romance, with a touch of fantasy and sci-fi.

The Plot

The series consists of eight episodes, each focusing on a different game and its challenges. The games are based on playing cards, with each suit representing a different genre: hearts for psychological games, spades for physical games, clubs for team games, and diamonds for intellectual games. The players have to clear the games within a time limit or face death. They also have to renew their visas by playing more games or they will be killed by lasers from the sky. The games are designed and controlled by mysterious game masters, who have their own agenda and secrets.

The plot is divided into four parts:

  • Part 1: Arisu and his friends are bored with their lives and wish for something exciting to happen. They go to Shibuya, where they witness a fireworks display. When the smoke clears, they find themselves in an empty city with no signs of life. They soon discover that they are trapped in a game world, where they have to play a Seven of Hearts game to escape. Arisu’s friends are killed in the process, leaving him alone and devastated. He meets Usagi, who saves him from a group of hostile players. They decide to work together and look for a way out.
  • Part 2: Arisu and Usagi join forces with other players who are also looking for answers. They play a Three of Spades game, where they have to cross a dangerous bridge without falling or being shot by snipers. They succeed, but lose some of their allies along the way. They also meet Chishiya, a cunning and charismatic player who seems to know more than he lets on. They learn that there is a Beach resort where players can rest and enjoy themselves without playing games. They decide to go there and find out more.
  • Part 3: Arisu and Usagi arrive at the Beach, where they are welcomed by the executives, who run the place and enforce the rules. They meet Kuina, a cheerful girl who is good at fighting, and An, a friendly guy who likes hiking. They also encounter Aguni, the leader of the executives, who challenges Arisu to a duel. Arisu wins, but spares Aguni’s life. He then learns that the Beach is actually a trap, where players are forced to play face-card games against the citizens, who are unaware of the game world. Arisu and Usagi join Kuina and An to play the King of Clubs game, where they have to collect points by touching other players.
  • Part 4: Arisu’s team faces Kuuma’s team, who are fearless and willing to die for their cause. Kuuma reveals that he and his team were regular players once, but they became game masters after clearing all the games. He also implies that Arisu will face the same fate if he wins. Arisu manages to defeat Kuuma by sacrificing some of his points, but loses Tatta, one of his friends who gave him his bracelet. Meanwhile, Chishiya plays a Jack of Hearts game, where he has to guess his collar’s suit and find the hidden Jack among other players. He wins, but spares the Jack’s life. An leaves Arisu and Usagi to look for Kuina and Chishiya but only finds a forest outside the city.

The Characters

The series has a large cast of characters, each with their own personality and backstory. Some of the main characters are:

  • Arisu: The protagonist of the series. He is an aimless young man who loves video games and puzzles. He is smart, brave, compassionate, and loyal to his friends. He wants to find out the truth behind the game world and return to his normal life.
  • Usagi: The deuteragonist of the series. She is a skilled climber and fighter who lost her family in an accident. She is strong, independent, resourceful, and caring. She develops feelings for Arisu and supports him throughout their journey.
  • Chishiya: A supporting character who acts as an anti-hero. He is a cunning and charismatic player who has his own agenda and secrets. He is manipulative, mysterious, confident, and pragmatic. He sometimes helps Arisu and Usagi but also challenges them.
  • Kuina: A supporting character who becomes Arisu’s ally and friend. She is a cheerful and optimistic girl who is good at fighting. She lost her leg in her first game and wears a prosthetic. She is friendly, energetic, brave, and kind.
  • An: A supporting character who becomes Arisu’s ally and friend. He is a friendly and helpful guy who likes hiking. He has a crush on Kuina and tries to protect her. He is gentle, naive, honest, and loyal.
  • Aguni: A supporting character who becomes Arisu’s rival and ally. He is the leader of the Beach executives, who run the resort and enforce the rules. He is a former firefighter who lost his comrades in a fire. He is tough, honorable, stubborn, and proud.
  • Mira: The main antagonist of the series. She is the Queen of Hearts and the designer of the Seven of Hearts game that killed Arisu’s friends. She is a psychotic and sadistic game master who enjoys torturing and killing players. She is obsessed with Arisu and wants to play with him until he breaks.
  • The King of Spades: A secondary antagonist of the series. He is a ruthless and powerful game master who controls the spades games. He is a former soldier who lost his arm in a war. He is violent, merciless, arrogant, and vengeful.

The Review

Alice in Borderland is a thrilling survival game with a twist. The series has many strengths, such as:

  • The plot is engaging and unpredictable, with many twists and turns that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. The games are creative and challenging, with different genres and rules that test the players’ skills and wits. The mystery behind the game world and the game masters is intriguing and compelling, with hints and clues that are gradually revealed throughout the series.
  • The characters are well-developed and relatable, with their own personality and backstory that make them human and complex. The viewers can empathize with their struggles, emotions, motivations, and choices. The relationships between the characters are also realistic and dynamic, with friendship, romance, rivalry, betrayal, and loyalty that add depth and drama to the story.
  • The production value is high, with impressive cinematography, sound design, visual effects, and action scenes that create a immersive and thrilling atmosphere. The series also uses symbolism, foreshadowing, parallelism, and references to Alice in Wonderland to enrich the narrative and convey its themes.
  • The themes are profound and relevant, such as life and death, freedom and choice, trust and deception, love and hate, hope and despair, reality and fantasy, etc. The series explores these themes through the characters’ experiences and dilemmas in the game world, as well as their reflections on their past and future in the real world.

The series also has some weaknesses, such as:

  • The pacing is uneven, with some episodes being too slow or too fast compared to others. Some games are too short or too long for their importance or difficulty. Some scenes are unnecessary or repetitive, while some are rushed or skipped.
  • The logic is flawed, with some plot holes and inconsistencies that undermine the credibility of the story. Some games are too easy or too hard for their level or suit. Some rules are unclear or unfair for the players. Some actions or decisions are illogical or irrational for the characters.
  • The tone is inconsistent, with some episodes being too dark or too light compared to others. Some games are too violent or too comedic for their genre or suit. Some scenes are too graphic or too cheesy for their impact or emotion.

The Conclusion

Alice in Borderland is a captivating series that offers a thrilling survival game with a twist. The series has many strengths that outweigh its weaknesses, such as its engaging plot, well-developed characters, high production value, and profound themes. The series is a must-watch for fans of action, mystery, drama, and romance genres. It will keep you hooked until the end with its suspenseful games, intriguing mystery, dynamic relationships, immersive atmosphere, and symbolic narrative.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Disclaimer: This review represents the opinion of the writer and is intended for informational and entertainment purposes. Views and interpretations of the series may vary among viewers.

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