All of Us Are Dead: A Korean Zombie Series Review

All of Us Are Dead: A Korean Zombie Series Review

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All of Us Are Dead is a South Korean coming-of-age zombie apocalypse horror streaming television series that was released on Netflix on January 28, 2022. It is based on a webtoon of the same name by Joo Dong-geun, and it stars Park Ji-hoo, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Yi-hyun, Lomon, Yoo In-soo, Lee Yoo-mi, Kim Byung-chul, Lee Kyu-hyung, and Jeon Bae-soo. The series mostly takes place in a high school in the fictional South Korean city of Hyosan, as a zombie outbreak suddenly breaks out and threatens the safety of the students. In this blog, I will share my thoughts on the series, what I liked and disliked about it, and why I recommend it to anyone who loves zombie horror.

Plot Summary

The series consists of 12 episodes of 60 to 64 minutes each. The plot follows a group of students who are trapped in their school when a zombie virus spreads through the city. They have to fight for their survival, while also dealing with their personal issues, such as love triangles, family problems, and school politics. The series also shows the perspectives of other characters outside the school, such as the military, the media, and the scientists who are responsible for the experiment that caused the outbreak.


What I liked

  • The zombies: The zombies in this series are not your typical slow and dumb ones. They are fast, agile, and intelligent. They can climb walls, use weapons, and even communicate with each other. They also have different stages of infection, which makes them more unpredictable and dangerous.
  • The thrill: The series keeps you on the edge of your seat with its intense action scenes and suspenseful moments. You never know who will survive or die, or when the zombies will attack. The series also has some twists and turns that will surprise you.
  • The characters: The series has a large cast of characters, but each one of them has their own personality and backstory. You will care for them as they struggle to survive and cope with their emotions. The actors do a great job of portraying their roles and making you feel their pain and fear.
  • The cinematography: The series has a high production value and uses impressive visual effects and sound design. The scenes are well-shot and edited, and the colors and lighting create a dark and gloomy atmosphere. The series also uses some creative camera angles and transitions to enhance the storytelling.

What I disliked

  • The plot holes: The series has some plot holes and inconsistencies that might bother some viewers. For example, how did the virus originate? How did it spread so fast? Why did some characters act illogically or irrationally? How did some characters survive impossible situations?
  • The clichés: The series uses some clichés and tropes that are common in zombie horror genre. For example, the love triangle between the main characters, the evil scientist who wants to use the zombies for his own benefit, the corrupt military who wants to cover up the truth, and the comic relief character who provides some humor.
  • The ending: The series ends with a cliffhanger that leaves many questions unanswered. It also hints at a possible second season, but there is no confirmation yet from Netflix or the creators. Some viewers might feel unsatisfied or frustrated by the lack of closure.

All of Us Are Dead: A Thrilling Zombie Series

Are you a fan of zombie movies or series? If yes, then you might want to check out the latest Korean zombie series, All of Us Are Dead, on Netflix. This series is based on a popular webtoon called Now at Our School, which depicts the survival story of a group of high school students who are trapped in their school during a zombie outbreak. The series has 12 episodes, each about an hour long, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat with its intense action, suspense, and drama.

The Episodes

The episodes of this series are arranged in such a way that you will be hooked from the first three episodes. These episodes are full of thrill and suspense, as the zombie infection spreads rapidly inside the school and the students try to escape or fight back. The middle episodes slow down the pace a bit, as the characters develop their relationships and face their personal conflicts. The final episodes are full of twists and surprises, as the students face the ultimate challenge of survival and discover the truth behind the outbreak.

The Story

The story of this series is as follows:

  • A group of bullies attack fellow student Lee Jin-soo, led by Hyosan High School boy Myung-hwan. Jin-soo falls from the roof and is hospitalized. Her father, Lee Byung-chan, a science teacher at Hyosan High, realizes Jin-soo has developed zombie-like behavior.
  • Some time later at Hyosan High, a bully, Kim Hyeon-joo, is bitten by an infected hamster in the science lab. Byung-chan sees this and locks Hyeon-joo inside the lab, but the next day he escapes and ends up zombie-like in English teacher Mrs. Park’s class. Hyeon-joo is taken to the school clinic, where he suddenly bites the school nurse. An ambulance takes Hyeon-joo to the hospital.
  • The nurse transforms into a zombie and attacks several students, who become infected and start an outbreak inside the school. Students and childhood friends Nam On-jo and Lee Cheong-san are in the cafeteria as more infected students make their way inside and panic ensues.
  • On-jo and Cheong-san escape the cafeteria and take refuge with their surviving classmates in classes 2-5, including class president Choi Nam-ra, ex-convict Lee Soo-hyeok, Cheong-san’s best friend Han Gyeong-soo, On-jo’s best friend Yoon I-sak, the possessive and arrogant Lee Na-yeon, Oh Joon-young, Kim Ji-min, Seo-ryong, Yang Da-soo, Jang Woo-jin and Kim Min-ji.
  • Moments later, an infected teacher enters the classroom and suddenly transforms into a zombie and bites Min-ji, prompting the other students to flee and fight their way to another classroom. I-Sak, however, gets infected on the way and is thrown out the window to On-jo’s frustration.
  • When the zombies try to break in, the students use fire hoses to climb into the broadcast room because Mrs. Park is there. Meanwhile, Yoon Gui-nam, a bully and Myung-hwan’s henchman, hides in the cafeteria kitchen with two students and a lunch lady.
  • The school’s archery team – including Woo-jin’s sister Jang Ha-ri and her fellow athlete Jang Min-jae – observe the situation at the school. Senior students Yoo Joon-seong and Park Mi-jin are trapped in a restroom with infected student Lee Ha-lim, but are saved by Ha-ri and Min-jae.
  • At the hospital, Hyeon-joo infects several other people, causing the virus to slowly spread throughout Hyosan.

The Review

All of Us Are Dead is a thrilling zombie series that will keep you entertained and engaged throughout its 12 episodes. The series has a strong cast of young actors who deliver convincing performances as high school students who struggle to survive in a zombie apocalypse. The series also has impressive cinematography, sound effects, and makeup that create a realistic and horrifying atmosphere. The series explores various themes such as friendship, loyalty, betrayal, love, courage, sacrifice, and morality in a chaotic situation. The series also has some unexpected twists and turns that will shock you and make you wonder what will happen next.

A Zombie Outbreak at Hyosan High School

The Beginning of the Chaos

  • A zombie appears outside the broadcast room, where some students and a teacher are hiding
  • Na-yeon accuses Gyeong-soo of being infected and isolates him
  • Na-yeon secretly infects Gyeong-soo with zombie blood, causing him to turn and attack the others
  • The students throw Gyeong-soo out the window and blame Na-yeon for killing him
  • Na-yeon leaves the room, followed by Mrs. Park
  • Gbi Nam escapes the kitchen by pushing the others towards the zombies

The Government’s Response

  • The government imposes martial law and evacuates survivors
  • Cheong-san’s mother visits the school, but is attacked and devoured by a zombified Gyeong-soo
  • Detective Song Jae-ik arrests Byeong-chan, the creator of the virus
  • Byeong-chan reveals that he wanted to make his son stronger, but his son became a zombie and bit his mother
  • Byeong-chan tells Jae-ik that his laptop in the school’s science lab has the answer to eradicating the virus
  • Jae-ik and his colleague Jeon Ho-chul escape from the police station, where zombies attack
  • Student Park Hee-soo gives birth to a baby in a public bathroom and abandons it, but recovers it after a car crash

The Survivors’ Struggle

  • Soo-hyeok and Cheong-san try to get a phone from the staff room and encounter Yoon-ji, a bully victim who was bitten but didn’t turn
  • They are separated by zombies and Soo-hyeok returns to the broadcast room with the phone
  • Cheong-san hides in the principal’s room, where he sees Gui-nam, another bully victim who was bitten but didn’t turn, killing the principal
  • Cheong-san runs away from Gui-nam, who chases him
  • Firefighter Nam So-joo and his teammate Kim Woo-shin board a helicopter to evacuate government survivors

All of Us Are Dead: Episode 4 Recap


In this episode, the survivors from the restroom try to escape the school by using a drone and the broadcast system. They encounter Gui-nam, who is not fully zombified and seeks revenge against Cheong-san. Meanwhile, in the outside world, So-joo and Jae-ik face different challenges as they try to reach Hyosan High.


Gi-nam vs Cheong-san

Gi-nam and Cheong-san fight in the infested school library. Cheong-san uses a broken phone to gouge out Gui-nam’s left eye and throw him into the group before escaping. Joon-young and On-jo retrieve a flying drone from the science lab, which they use to find Cheong-san. They send the drone outside the school and are distraught at the destruction, including Ji-min’s zombified parents, who try to reach him. All landlines and internet are shut down in Hyosan in an attempt to control the situation, as Joon-seong, Mi-jin, Min-jae, and Ha-ri break into the school’s infirmary and attempt to use a computer before going to the archery training center to use an emergency phone to call for help. In the outside world, as they try to reach Hyosan High, Jae-ik and Ho-chul take refuge at Cheong-san’s mother’s chicken restaurant, where they find the zombified Hee-soo, infected and chained to the door, safe with her healthy newborn baby on a bench away from her. Jae-ik rescues the child. Simultaneously, So-joo and her team arrive at a military quarantine zone. At the library, Gui-nam is revealed to have not turned into a zombie and seeks revenge against Cheong-san after the zombies ignore him.

The students use the broadcast system to tell Cheong-san that they are coming for him. They leave the room and use music to distract the zombies. Gui-nam listens to the broadcasts and follows the group. Gui-nam confronts and attacks Soo-hyeok, who refuses to release Cheong-san. Nam-ra helps Soo-hyeok but is bitten by Gui-nam. Nam-ra and Soo-hyeok push Gui-nam through a window before hiding in a room. Nam-ra does not convert immediately. Cheong-san, who saw Gui-nam bitten earlier, argues for killing him despite Soo-hyeok’s insistence that Gui-nam was not a zombie when he bit Nam-ra. Nam-ra stays by a window, ready to jump if she turns; Soo-hyeok stays by her side. Nam-ra slowly enters a half-zombified state and has the urge to bite Soo-hyeok, but regains control. Unknown to them, inside the PTA room next door, Na-yeon is alive.

The Escape Plan

The survivors from the restroom go to the archery training center, but Joon-seong is injured fighting a zombie. At the chicken restaurant, Jae-ik and Ho-chul save a young woman named Se-bin. Enlisting the help of Woo-shin and Yoon-hee, So-joo manages to escape the quarantine zone and heads to the school to save On-jo.

Nam-ra exhibits a heightened sense of hearing, sight, smell, and energy, as she sinks into a more semi-zombified state. As the group plans to escape, they close one of the room’s doors while leaving the other open, creating a large barrier in the middle of the room. The zombies are attracted to the noise, clearing the corridor and enabling the survivors to escape to the roof, but the roof door is locked by Kim Chul-soo, a school outcast who was already on the roof when the outbreak began. As the zombies follow the students up the stairs leading to the roof, Soo-hyeok and Cheong-san fight them off. Cheong-san finds himself face-to-face with Gui-nam, who was previously unaffected by the fall.

The Outside World

In the outside world, So-joo arms herself with a shotgun from the police station armory and continues on her way to Hyosan High to save On-jo. Jae-ik spots a survivor on a rooftop, a live streamer nicknamed “Orangibarish” who entered the quarantine zone to find out the truth, and tries to rescue him. Ho-chul, however, abandons him and drives off with Se-bin and Hee-soo’s child on a motorcycle because of the zombies.


This episode was full of suspense and action as we saw how different characters dealt with their situations. The conflict between Gui-nam and Cheong-san was intense and showed how far they were willing to go to survive. Nam-ra’s condition was also intriguing and raised questions about the nature of the infection. The outside world was also chaotic and dangerous, as So-joo and Jae-ik faced different obstacles and moral dilemmas. The episode ended with a cliffhanger that left us wondering what will happen next.

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

If you are a fan of zombie stories, you might have heard of the popular Korean webtoon “All of Us Are Dead” by Joo Dong-geun. The webtoon follows the lives of a group of high school students who are trapped in their school during a zombie outbreak. The webtoon is full of suspense, horror, action, and drama, as the students struggle to survive and escape from the zombies.

In this blog post, I will review the latest chapters of the webtoon and share my thoughts on the plot, characters, and themes. Beware of spoilers ahead!

Chapter 29: The Helicopter

  • The chapter starts with a flashback of Nam-ra throwing Gui-nam down the stairs, after he bit Na-yeon and attacked the rooftop survivors.
  • The door finally opens, but they are too late to catch the helicopter that leaves with Chul-soo, who lies that everyone is infected.
  • The students make SOS distress signs when another helicopter approaches, hoping for rescue.
  • Meanwhile, Ho-chul and the two children take the bus back to the kindergarten, where they meet Jae Ick and Orenbius. They also pick up Eun-ji along the way and are taken to a quarantine camp by the military.
  • At the camp, Jae Ick reveals that he has Baeung-chan’s laptop, which contains important information about the zombie virus. The military decides to send another helicopter to Hyosan High to retrieve the laptop and evacuate the survivors.
  • However, things go wrong when Eun-ji turns into a zombie and bites Chul-soo, causing a panic at the camp. The military receives orders to abandon the survivors at Hyosan High and treat them as asymptomatic carriers.
  • The soldiers reluctantly drop the survivors off the roof, leaving them behind with no hope.

Chapter 30: The Rain

  • The chapter shows how the two groups of survivors bond separately at night.
    • In the restroom, Ha-ri teaches Mi-jin archery and they share their stories.
    • On the roof, the survivors gather around the campfire and talk about their pasts. We learn that Mrs. Park was bitten while saving Na-yeon from Gui-nam, and that she sacrificed herself to bring food to the rooftop survivors.
  • The next day, it starts raining and thundering, which disrupts the zombies’ hearing and vision. The survivors notice this weakness and decide to use it to escape.
  • The rooftop survivors manage to reach the ground floor and enter the parking lot, where Cheong-san sees his mother as a zombie. His cries attract more zombies and they have to run for their lives.
  • Ji-min sacrifices himself to save Hoo-ryong, who is rescued by Woo-jin. Ha-ri reunites with her brother and they meet the others in the auditorium.
  • However, they are not safe there, as Nam-ra senses a large horde of zombies approaching. During the attack, Min-jae runs away while Joon-seong stays behind to buy time for the others.
  • The survivors hide in the sports equipment room and come up with a plan to use metal cars and sports equipment to create a movable barricade.

My Thoughts

I think these chapters were very intense and emotional. I felt sorry for the survivors who were abandoned by the military and had to face more zombies. I also liked how we got to know more about their backgrounds and personalities. Some of them showed courage and selflessness, while others showed cowardice and selfishness.

I think the webtoon is very realistic and unpredictable. It shows how people react differently in extreme situations and how they cope with fear, guilt, grief, and hopelessness. It also shows how zombies are not just mindless monsters, but former humans who have lost their humanity.

I’m looking forward to reading more chapters of this webtoon and finding out what will happen to the survivors. Will they be able to escape from Hyosan High? Will they find out the truth about the zombie virus? Will they meet other survivors or enemies? Will they regain their hope or lose their sanity?

If you are interested in reading this webtoon, you can find it on [Naver Webtoon]. You can also watch the Netflix adaptation of this webtoon, which is called “All of Us Are Dead” as well. I hope you enjoy this webtoon as much as I do!

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All of Us Are Dead: A Summary of the Final Episode

All of Us Are Dead is a Korean zombie thriller series that follows a group of high school students who are trapped in their school during a zombie outbreak. The final episode of the series aired on August 26, 2023, and it was full of action, drama, and emotion. Here are some of the main events that happened in the episode:

The Escape from the School

  • The survivors escape with So-ju and they encounter the zombies on the tennis court. Using flares and whistles, So-ju distracts the zombies. The students make it out of the court, but So-joo is bitten and dies trying to protect his daughter.
  • The survivors later reached the school construction site and stayed on its veranda. Gui-nam confronts Min-jae at the archery training center and violently attacks him. After obtaining the group’s last known location, Gui-nam kills Min-jae and goes on his way.
  • Meanwhile, the military uses drones to lure Hyosan’s zombies to their chosen bombing sites, including Hyosan High. The students prepare to escape, but Gui-nam suddenly appears and bites Cheong-san. Cheong-sun pushes her off the building.
  • Seeing him going around, Cheong-san kisses and hugs Jo before entering the building to distract the zombies, allowing the rest to escape the construction site to safety. As Cheong-san comes to a final standoff with Gui-nam, the military drops bombs on the location, wiping out the zombies. Both Cheong-san and Gui-nam fall into an elevator shaft due to the impact of the explosion.
  • Out of grief for overseeing the bombing, military commander Jin Seon-mu committed suicide.

The Fight for Survival

  • After the students escape they reach an abandoned neighborhood. Nam-ra senses some zombies. The students try to escape, but Dae-su’s leg is injured, forcing them to stay and fight the zombies.
  • Woo-jin is bitten while saving his sister, causing Nam-ra to kill him. While on the run, Nam-ra increasingly feels the urge to eat her friends, the voice in her head telling her to do so, and she almost bites Jo.
  • Driven by remorse and not wanting to hurt his friends, Nam-ra abandons them and disappears into the neighborhood. The six remaining student survivors – Su-hyeok, On-jo, Da-soo, Hyo-ryong, Mi-jin, and Ha-ri – arrive at an abandoned railroad, where the military eventually rescues them.

The Epilogue

  • Four months later, the government ended martial law in Hyosan, But segregation of residents continued. Six students sneak out of the camp and return to what remains of their school.
  • Nam-ra, who looks fine and healthy despite being a half-zombie, meets them. Nam-ra says that there are others like him who ran away from the school and says that he’ll be back as he jumps off the roof, while the others watch after him.
  • In a mid-credits scene, government officials move the bodies of Byung-chan’s wife and son to another location.

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