How to Attract Girls 15 Tips You Need to Know

How to Attract Girls: 15 Tips You Need to Know

Writer: Kader Ali

Do you have a crush on a girl but don’t know how to get her attention? Don’t worry, this article is for you. Today I will share with you 15 tips to attract girls, based on what they need, like, and dislike. Let’s get started.


1. Maintain eye contact and posture

When you talk to a girl, don’t look down or away. Keep your head up and your eyes on hers. Stand or sit straight, and don’t slouch or fidget. This will show her that you are confident and interested in what she has to say.


2. Talk less and listen more

Don’t ramble on about yourself or irrelevant topics. Keep your voice calm and clear, not too loud or too soft. Say hello and introduce yourself politely, but don’t be too formal or cheesy. Ask her open-ended questions and let her talk about herself. Don’t interrupt or contradict her, but show that you are paying attention and curious about her.


3. Be honest and authentic

Don’t try to impress her with lies or exaggerations. She will see through them and lose trust in you. Instead, be yourself and tell the truth. Share some of your interests, hobbies, and goals, but don’t brag or boast. Show her that you are genuine and reliable.


4. Compliment her appropriately

Girls love compliments, but only when they are sincere and relevant. Don’t overdo it or make it awkward by complimenting her too much or too randomly. Focus on her personality, skills, or achievements, not just her appearance. For example: You have a great sense of humor, you are very talented at singing, you did an amazing job on that project.


5. Read her body language and signals

Girls don’t always say what they mean with words. Sometimes they use their body language and gestures to express their feelings and intentions. Pay attention to how she looks at you, smiles at you, touches you, or leans towards you. These are signs that she likes you and wants you to make a move.


6. Show her that you care

Girls want to feel valued and appreciated by the guys they like. Show her that you care about her well-being and happiness by doing small things for her. For example: Help her with her bags, hold the door for her, offer her your jacket if she is cold, ask her how she is feeling, send her good morning and good night texts.


7. Be punctual and respectful

Girls hate it when guys are late or cancel plans at the last minute. It shows that they are not serious or respectful of their time. If you want to impress a girl, be on time for your dates or meetings, or even better, be there before her. Apologize if you are running late or have to reschedule.


8. Walk with her side by side

When you walk with a girl on the street, don’t walk ahead of her or behind her. Walk with her side by side, at the same pace and distance. This will show her that you consider her as your equal and partner, not as your follower or leader. Don’t grab her hand without warning, but gently extend your hand and let her hold it if she wants to.


9. Smile often and genuinely

Girls are attracted to guys who are happy and positive. Smile often and genuinely when you talk to a girl, but don’t force it or fake it. A smile can convey many emotions, such as joy, interest, admiration, or affection. It can also make you look more friendly and approachable.


10. Groom yourself well

Girls pay attention to how guys look and dress. They notice their hair, clothes, shoes, accessories, and hygiene. Groom yourself well before meeting a girl, by taking a shower, brushing your teeth, combing your hair, trimming your nails, applying deodorant, etc. Wear clean and fitting clothes that suit your style and personality.


11. Remember important dates and events

Girls love it when guys remember their birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, or other special occasions. It shows that they care about them and their lives. Make sure to wish her first on these dates and events, and surprise her with a card, a gift, a cake, or a flower.


12. Give her thoughtful gifts occasionally

Girls appreciate gifts that show that you know them well and think about them often. Give her thoughtful gifts occasionally that match her interests, hobbies, preferences, or needs. For example: A book by her favorite author, a necklace with her name on it, a ticket to a concert she wants to see.


13. Don’t look at or compliment other girls in front of her

Girls hate it when guys look at or compliment other girls in front of them. It makes them feel insecure, jealous, or angry. It also shows that they are not loyal or faithful to them. Don’t do this if you want to attract a girl. Focus on her and only her when you are with her.


14. Take her shopping and support her choices

Girls love shopping and trying on different outfits, accessories, or makeup. Take her shopping and support her choices by giving her honest and positive feedback. Don’t complain or get bored, but enjoy the experience with her. Offer to pay for some of the items, but don’t insist if she refuses.


15. Know her likes and dislikes

Girls like guys who know them well and respect their likes and dislikes. Know what color she likes, what music she listens to, what food she enjoys, what movies she watches, etc. Wear her favorite color shirt or t-shirt when you meet her, play her favorite song in the car, order her favorite dish at the restaurant, etc.


These are some of the tips to attract girls that you can try. Remember that every girl is different and unique, so don’t treat them all the same. Be yourself and be respectful, and you will find the girl of your dreams. Good luck!

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