How to Deal with a Deceitful Girlfriend: A Case Study

How to Deal with a Deceitful Girlfriend: A Case Study

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In this case study, we will explore the problem of a young man who was in a relationship with a deceitful girl. We will analyze the situation and suggest some possible solutions to help him cope with the situation.

Problem Statement

The problem is as follows:

  • The young man, Kein Williams, is 23 years old and was in a relationship with a girl for the past one year.
  • The girl was very weak towards him at first and tried very hard to communicate with him even if he did not.
  • The girl also tried to persuade him to meet her even if he did not want to.
  • Everything seemed to be going well until he found out that the girl had a lot of character problems and talked to several other boys online.
  • He realized that the girl was deceitful and broke up with her.
  • But since then, the girl has been trying very hard to communicate with him through her friends and relatives.
  • The girl wants to marry him now and even thinks of running away with him.

Solution Suggestions

We suggest the following solutions for the young man:

Sharing with a close friend

Sometimes we face such situations where we cannot find a way out of our own and we cannot even share it with our own family. We usually share these things with our best friend or closest friend and get the right advice from them.

So when he faces such a situation, he should share this matter with his best friend or closest friend and ask them for a solution to this problem. Hopefully, his friend will definitely give him a solution. And by giving a solution, his friend will be very helpful in his life.

Not being weak towards the girl

In the present time, most of the girls we feel weak towards cannot keep our trust. In the light of the above problem, we see that even though the young man was very weak towards the girl, the girl was involved in multiple relationships. But at the end of the day, she is trying to come back to his life.

In such a situation, he should never show weakness towards the girl. Because the girl who once cheated on him will not hesitate to cheat on him again.

So even if he wants to give her a second chance, he should not trust her completely. Even if he feels weak towards her on the surface, he should check her inside. In this case, he should not feel weak towards her at all.

Ignoring the girl

There are some times when we have to ignore some things and move on. By doing so, our life becomes much more beautiful. When we look at our success, we sometimes have to push ourselves back. So in such a situation, he has to give less importance to the girl and ignore her.

There are some mistakes that are never worthy of forgiveness. So if someone behaves like this with him, he will definitely react accordingly. This is natural.

The more he shows himself weak in such a situation, the more people will try to deceive him. So he must try to ignore the girl in such a situation.

Keeping less communication with the girl

If he faces such a bad situation, he should try to keep less communication with the girl. By doing so, he will not easily become weak towards her.

And if he becomes weak towards her in such a situation, she may cause him more trouble in the future. So he must keep less communication with her and if she tries to communicate with him, he should not pay attention to it.


The issues mentioned in the above article may not match well with real life situations. In real life, everyone’s life has different emotions and feelings.

But we have tried to give a solution to the problem as much as possible. We hope that he will get some solution and relief from the above article.


This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. The reader should consult with their own counselor or therapist before taking any action based on the information provided here. The author is not responsible for any consequences or damages resulting from the use of this article.

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