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Instructions for ncc or standard bank exam quiz online

Key information for ncc or standard bank exam quiz online

Please carefully read all the instructions and guidelines mentioned below before you start your online test:

Total questions: 25. Total time of 20 minutes.

The test will become live at 11:30 AM and end at 11:50 AM.

The total time for the test is 20 minutes.

All the questions are multiple-choice questions. 
A total of 25 questions for a total of 25 marks will be provided chronologically.

Rules and regulations for ncc bank quiz online

You may select an answer or skip without answering a question for the next question. 

Once you have proceeded, there will be no option to go back to the previous question. You can’t return to a question once you select or skip it.

Only one (1) answer will be accepted/allowed for each question. Each correct answer is equivalent to one mark. 

No mark will be counted or deducted for a question if you skip it. Ensure stable and uninterrupted internet connectivity. 

Other information related to standard bank psychometric test and bank quiz online

For each wrong answer, 0.25 marks will be subtracted from the total number.

Preferable web browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you understand all the instructions above, you are advised to click the “Proceed to Start Test” button.

This button will be activated before 15 minutes of the test.

Download sample question pdf for ncc or standard bank exam quiz online

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