Parineeta’s Unhappy Love

Parineeta’s Unhappy Love

Writer: Ashrafun Nesa

Parineeta was a kind-hearted girl who never wished to harm anyone. She always tried to help others and make them happy. But fate had other plans for her. Her family became the source of her misery when they opposed her love for Joy, a boy she met online during the pandemic.

The pandemic had changed everything for Parineeta. Her college was closed indefinitely and her HSC exam was postponed. She was confined to her home by her parents, who were afraid of the coronavirus. She could not even go to the balcony to get some fresh air. She felt suffocated and depressed by the uncertainty and isolation. She needed a distraction from her troubles.

One day, she decided to do something naughty. She created a fake profile on a social media site and started chatting with strangers. She did not expect anything serious, just some fun and entertainment. But then she came across Joy, who seemed different from the others. He was funny, smart, and caring. He made her laugh and feel good about herself. He also shared her interests and values. They soon became friends and exchanged their real names and photos. They started talking on the phone and video calling every day. They fell in love with each other.

Parineeta felt happy for the first time in a long time. She thought she had found her soulmate in Joy. She wanted to meet him in person and introduce him to her family. She hoped they would accept him and bless their relationship.

But she was wrong.

One day, her mother called her and asked her if she had a boyfriend or not. She said that if she did, they would not mind, even if he was poor or from a different caste or religion. She said that they only wanted her happiness and would support her choice.

Parineeta was overjoyed by her mother’s words. She thought that her mother was understanding and progressive. She trusted her mother and told her everything about Joy. She showed her his photo and told her how much she loved him.

And that was Parineeta’s biggest mistake.

Her mother was shocked and angry by Parineeta’s confession. She did not approve of Joy at all. She thought he was a bad influence on Parineeta and would ruin her future. She said that she had lied to Parineeta to find out the truth. She said that Parineeta had betrayed their trust and dishonored their family.

She called Parineeta’s father and told him what had happened. He was furious as well. He scolded Parineeta and slapped her hard. He said that he would never allow Parineeta to marry Joy or even talk to him again. He said that he had already fixed Parineeta’s marriage with a boy of his choice, who was rich and well-educated.

Parineeta was devastated by her parents’ reaction. She could not believe that they had deceived her and rejected her love. She pleaded with them to understand her feelings and give Joy a chance. But they did not listen to her at all. They took away her phone and laptop and locked her in her room.

They also threatened to stop paying for her education if she did not obey them. They said that they would only pay for her college fees if she broke up with Joy and agreed to marry the boy they had chosen for her.

Parineeta felt trapped and helpless. She could not contact Joy or anyone else who could help her. She could not escape from her home or defy her parents’ wishes.

She suffered from mental stress and lost interest in everything.

She did not study for her HSC exam, which was finally held after a long delay due to the pandemic. She did not care about the result, which was based on an auto pass system anyway.

She also did not prepare for the university entrance exam, which was another dream of hers since childhood. She wanted to study in a public university and pursue higher education.

But she failed to get admission in any public university due to lack of preparation and poor performance in the exam.

She felt like a failure and a loser.

She also became physically weak and ill due to lack of proper food and care.

She did not eat well or sleep well.

She lost weight and became pale and thin.

She often fainted due to low blood pressure.

She looked like a dead person.

Despite all the obstacles and torture, she remained loyal to Joy, who was the only ray of hope in her life.

She managed to secretly communicate with him through a spare phone that she had hidden in her room.

He also loved her deeply and supported her through this difficult time.

He encouraged her to be strong and positive.

He promised to marry her one day, no matter what.

But she also felt distant from him sometimes.

She wondered if he really understood what she was going through.

She wondered if he really cared about her as much as she cared about him.

She wondered if he would wait for her or move on with someone else.

She wanted to meet him in person and hug him and kiss him.

But she did not know when or how that would happen.

She did not know if her family would ever accept her or if she had any future with Joy.

She wondered if she was suffering from some unknown disease that was slowly killing her.

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