‘The Platform’: A Movie That Will Make You Think and Feel

‘The Platform’: A Movie That Will Make You Think and Feel

Writer: Aminur Rahman

The Platform is a Spanish science fiction-horror film directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia. Released in 2019, the movie is set in a vertically structured prison called “The Pit.” In this unique facility, inmates are assigned to levels, with a platform filled with food descending from the top level to the bottom. Each pair of inmates on a level has a limited amount of time to eat before the platform moves to the next level, potentially leaving those below with nothing to eat.

The film follows the story of Goreng, who voluntarily enters The Pit for a purpose. As he descends through the levels, he encounters various challenges, moral dilemmas, and a wide range of inmates with different attitudes and strategies for survival. The movie serves as a social commentary on class, inequality, and the consequences of human behavior under extreme conditions.

What is ‘The Platform’?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were trapped in a prison with hundreds of levels, where each level has only two people and a limited amount of food? How would you survive? How would you treat others? How would you cope with the injustice and cruelty of such a system?

These are some of the questions that ‘The Platform’, a movie from Spain, tries to answer. ‘The Platform’ is a movie that is about a strange prison called “The Pit”. The Pit is a big tower with many levels. The people on each level get food from a platform that goes down from the top. The people on the top levels have a lot of food and power, while the people on the bottom levels have very little food and power.

The movie tells us the story of Goreng, who chose to go to the prison for a reason. He has to live with different people on different levels and face many problems. He also tries to be kind and help others. Along the way, he learns more about the prison, himself, and human nature.

Why Should You Watch ‘The Platform’?

You should watch ‘The Platform’ because it is a movie that will make you think and feel a lot. It is not just a movie that entertains you, but also a movie that challenges you, educates you, and inspires you. It is a movie that:

  • Is very scary and exciting: The movie makes you feel scared and excited by using many ways, such as showing the faces of the people very close, making the camera move in strange ways, making the prison look very small and scary, using loud and scary music, showing blood, bones, and darkness, and using light to show how much food and power the people have. These ways make you feel like you are there with the people, and you want to know what will happen next.
  • Has very good actors: The movie has very good actors who play their roles very well. They make us care about the characters and their choices. They also show us different kinds of people in the prison, and how they change and show us more about themselves. For example, [Actor’s Name] plays Goreng, who is the main person in the movie. He makes us care about him and his choices. He also makes us feel what he feels. Trimagasi is Goreng’s friend, but he is also very complicated. He has a secret that makes him do bad things. Baharat is another person who wants to help Goreng, but he also has his own problems. These people show us how hard it is to live in the prison, and how they try to be good or bad.
  • Has many meanings: The movie has many meanings. It shows us how our society works, and how some people have more than others. It also shows us how we act when we have more or less than others, and how this can make us good or bad. It also makes us think about our own food, and how we use it or give it to others. For example, food is very important in the movie, but it also means more than food. It shows how much money or power the people have, and how they share or waste it. The prison is not just a prison, but it also means more than a prison. It shows us how our society works, and how some people have more than others.
  • Affects many people: The movie affects many people. It tells us about things that are happening in our world, like how some people have more than others, and how this is not fair. It also makes us think and talk about these things, and how we can make things better. It also makes other movies want to try new things, and talk about things that are hard or uncomfortable, but important. It also makes us look at our own lives, and how we are part of our society.


‘The Platform’ is one of the best movies ever made, because it makes us think and feel a lot. It is very well made, with a great story, with many ideas and messages. It stays with us for a long time, because it tells us about our world and ourselves. It is a great example of how movies can make us question, inspire, and affect us in many ways.

If you have not watched ‘The Platform’ yet, I highly recommend you to do so. You will not regret it.


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